Finding a Mattress that Alleviates Neck and Back Pain

People who suffer from neck or back pain should look for a mattress that offers support, relief for pressure points and at a great price too.

A mattress that helps the spinal column stay in alignment is key in reducing or eliminating neck or back pain. One that contours to your body can be a good choice.


What Memory Foam Can Do

A memory foam mattress is one of the best options because it fits the natural curves of your body while providing consistent, comfortable support.


Innerspring and air-chamber mattresses are less popular options. Innerspring mattresses don’t contour as well to the body and air mattresses have a lower level of satisfaction due to mechanical issues and less comprehensive guarantees.


Why Go for a Memory Foam Mattress

The spinal column is a series of interlocking bones that move together like a train. If one car jumps the tracks, it can throw off the entire train. Same with your spine. Sleeping on a firm, innerspring mattress may force your spine to curve unnaturally and knock it out of alignment, causing discomfort and pain.


A memory foam mattress, though, adjusts specifically to your shape and sleeping position, rising and falling to meet your body as you move. It also disperses your weight, alleviating pressure on your hips and shoulders while supporting the narrower parts of your body, such as your neck and waist.


How to Find the Best Mattress

Just like any purchase, finding the best mattress for neck and back pain online will take some window shopping. Look for the best offer for the money and check out service warranties, reveiws and customer service.


Memory foam mattressesare rated highly by people looking for a mattress that relievesback and neck pain. Its support allows the spinal column to decompress, extend and align itself into its optimal position to assist in minimizing back pain. The best memory foam mattress for pain relief is a medium-firm one.


Aside from discomfort relief, memory foam has other advantages, such as motion isolation and a longer lifespan than a spring mattress.