Memory Foam Mattresses: A Natural Treatment for Back Aches

Since it shapes directly to your body and supports your spine, memory foam is a blessing to many people, especially those who suffer from back pain. It’s comfortable support has been shown to relieve back pain and discomfort.

How the Spine Works

The human spinal column is divided into four unique parts — cervical, thoracic, pelvic and lumbar — with 33 vertebrae total. The cervical and thoracic regions are related to the upper limbs. The lumbar and pelvic are related to lower limbs.


Cervical area is made up of seven vertebrae, the thoracic has 12, the lumbar curve has five and the pelvic has nine.


The spinal muscles stretch throughout the body, which is why more than your back may hurt during a spasm.

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A Pain in Your Back

There are different types of discomfort and pain in the back that are categorized as small, persistent and extreme. Back pain can be chronic or triggered by an event, such as lifting or pulling something.


Some people need medication to cope with neck and back pain. Others find that the pain can be controlled through exercise, stretching and resting.


How Memory Foam Gets the Job Done

Memory foam mattresses can be very effective in relieving back and neck pain. First, a little lesson about why memory foam does this so well. NASA developed memory foam in the 1960s as an alternative for aircraft cushions. The new foam supported an astronaut’s body by decreasing the pressure on it while taking off and landing. Memory foam was also used in cushions at medical facilities before it was introduced in mattresses.


Memory foam offers this superior support through its temperature-sensitive properties. As your body heat warms the foam, it softens and molds directly to your shape to support your hips and shoulders and meet the curve of your spine.


This makes memory foam a perfect mattress for people who are struggling with arthritis, skeletal issues and other neck and back pain.