5 Reasons to Get More Sleep

Sleep can be the first thing to go when you are busy and stressed. Even if you manage to spend eight hours each night in your bed, you still may not be getting enough sleep. You may feel tired and depend on a jolt of caffeine to get you through the day.

Getting adequate sleep can have several benefits, beyond eliminating the need for that afternoon soda.


  1. Reduce Discomfort

Research shows that persistent discomfort can be magnified by a loss of sleep. A memory foam mattress supports your entire body and has been known to decrease joint pain and other aches.


  1. An Improved Sex Life

When you sleep enough, you have more energy and may feel more inclined to have sex on a regular basis. The main reason many people give for not having sex is being too tired.


  1. Better Health

Many studies have demonstrated the link between sleep deprivation and health problems. Your body needs several hours each night to rest, restore and perform necessary functions, such as boosting your immune system. People who lose sleep may have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.


  1. More Alert

Sleep can help you feel alert and clear-headed all day. If you are tired, you may make dangerous mistakes at work or while driving.


  1. Weight Loss

If you are trying to keep or attain a healthy weight, sleep can help. When you don’t rest enough, your body can release the wrong hormones at the wrong time and make you feel hungry more often, which leads to you eating more than you intended.


And that’s five good reasons to make sure that you find the best mattress to get the best night’s sleep.